Earth Art

Watershed Restoration is a blend of art and science. No matter how carefully a project or structure is planned and built, nature always gets the final say. This is why the work of Craig Sponholtz and Watershed Artisans pays special attention to the subtle connections and aesthetic details that allow our work to blend seamlessly into its landscape. With careful craftsmanship, the connections we create determine the ultimate success and longevity of our efforts. Nature has all of time to soften the rough edges of a structure or find its fundamental weakness. That is why it is critical to work with, rather than against, nature. This artistic partnership with nature is the strength of our work. At Watershed Artisans we strive to infuse our work with simple beauty inspired by process and place. That is what ties us and our work to the many streams, wetlands and watersheds we have the privilege to work in. Please enjoy the following photo galleries to get a small taste of our inspirations and creations and learn more about our artistic approach by reading "Alone in a World of Wounds" by Craig Sponholtz.

All photos by Craig Sponholtz.


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