Empowering communities to take action by reconnecting people with their watersheds through hands-on training in a variety of restoration and management techniques.

"Craig Sponholtz's Applied Watershed Restoration courses are a must. I was very impressed with the thoroughness, hands-on learning, and Craig's deep knowledge - based on years of real-life experiences. The strategies taught are simple and effective. They build on natural patterns so you work with natural processes not against them. This way nature does the bulk of the work once the structures are in place. I highly recommend these courses for anyone working with the land and water".

-Brad Lancaster, author of Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond

Watershed Artisans offers project-based restoration training workshops throughout the U.S. and internationally. Workshops emphasize project-based, hands-on learning so that participants gain real experience on real restoration projects. Craig Sponholtz teaches students how to read the landscape and assess problems. He focuses on proper methods, safety, cost-effectiveness and long-term durability. Students leave restoration workshops with skills that they can apply in their own watersheds.

Craig Sponholtz collaborates with many diverse environmental, conservation, and watershed-based volunteer groups. He provides guidance to those groups in project selection, design and logistical coordination. He trains and works with volunteers to help get the most out of their valuable time, while providing ample learning opportunities. Watershed restoration offers countless ways to get involved, meet new friends and make a difference.

Learn the skills needed to do high quality work that will stand up to natural processes over time. Craig Sponholtz believes in doing it right the first time and spends extra time with students to ensure that they understand the subtleties of the work being done. Emphasis on quality ultimately fosters the immense pride of a job well done.

Please look at the Calendar Page for a schedule of workshops, and download our "Erosion Control Field Guide" to learn more about techniques taught by Craig Sponholtz. Workshops can be customized to fit a diversity of needs and are ideally suited for farmers, ranchers, landowners, land managers, restoration practitioners and advanced permaculture students. Learn more about the Applied Watershed Restoration curriculum.


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