Stream & Fisheries Restoration

Healthy streams and rivers are a unique and threatened resource. A legacy of poor land management practices, over-use of surface and groundwater and poorly designed infrastructure have severely degraded these fragile ecosystems. The results are apparent in depleted fisheries, abandoned floodplains and extensive erosion. At Watershed Artisans we identify and prioritize the ongoing symptoms of degradation and seek to understand the complex array of causes, both historic and current, that led to degradation. We can solve a problem only after we understand its root cause. We perform extensive geomorphic assessments to understand the numerous variables influencing the stability of river systems. We also partner with natural processes to speed healing and establish long-term dynamic stability.  Watershed Artisans integrates the principles of Natural Channel Design and Induced Meandering to create unique restorative solutions that work with, rather than against, nature. Craig Sponholtz, the principal stream restoration designer and expert heavy equipment operator, has had extensive training from Dave Rosgen, PhD, the creator of the Natural Channel Design method, as well as training and numerous collaborations with Bill Zeedyk, the creator of the Induced Meandering method. Craig has the knowledge, skills and experience needed to work at any scale and creates beautiful and durable stream work that integrates seamlessly with natural forms and processes. He has done restoration and habitat work on some of New Mexico's best trout streams, including Comanche Creek in the Valle Vidal and San Antonio Creek in the Valles Caldera National Preserve.


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