Watershed Artisans provides assessment, design, implementation, training and technical assistance to land owners, ranchers, farmers, federal/state/local/tribal land management agencies, international aid organizations and conservation/volunteer groups.

"My husband and I bought a large ranch with numerous serious erosion issues. We wanted to do something to reduce erosion and heal some gullies but didn't know exactly what to do. Craig Sponholtz came and spent several days analyzing the existing conditions and helped us develop a plan to begin healing the land. He showed us areas that could be helped using his well developed methods and explained why other areas weren't good prospects for work. We learned how to prioritize our conservation work to get the most benefit for time and money spent. Thanks to Craig we have been able to begin a practical and effective program to reduce erosion and increase water infiltration on our ranch."

-Wilma Jenkins, Double Circles Ranch, Eagle Creek, AZ

Watershed Artisans provides a full range of watershed restoration services including landscape assessments, site mapping, project planning, implementation, monitoring and grant research. We specialize in working with landowners and managers to identify and prioritize restoration projects that provide maximum benefits for the resources invested. We emphasize thorough, high quality work that is functional, beautiful and long-lasting. Our approach is based on the principles of Natural Channel Design, Induced Meandering and Landscape Agroecology. (learn more about these restoration methods)

Watershed Artisans also offers hands-on training in erosion control design (learn more about our erosion control methods) and implementation techniques, as well as technical assistance in watershed management and agro-ecology. Craig Sponholtz teaches land owners and managers how to set restoration priorities that make sense for their own management objectives. His workshops empower participants to make a positive difference in their own watersheds by emphasizing an understanding of root causes and healing processes, rather than simply addressing the symptoms of degradation. He focuses on teaching the skills needed to complete restoration projects with high quality work.


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