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We are pleased to announce that Dryland Solutions, Inc. has been renamed Watershed Artisans, Inc.

Watershed Artisans is a design/ build land restoration contracting service based in Northern New Mexico that provides restoration, education and inspiration to clients worldwide. Craig Sponholtz, a skilled designer, builder teacher and artist, founded the company in 2003 as Dryland Solutions and renamed it Watershed Artisans, Inc. in 2014 to better reflect his own unique approach to land restoration and the many diverse environments in which he works.

Watershed Artisans, Inc. embraces the philosophy that degraded land can best be healed with regenerative practices that are inspired by natural processes. The resulting solutions are beautiful, resilient, and blend harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. Our goal is to educate and inspire land owners and land managers worldwide.


505 577-9625
1000 Cordova Pl., #832
Santa Fe, NM, 87505